Penstemon barbatus var. torreyi

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Scientific Name Penstemon barbatus var. torreyi USDA PLANTS Symbol
Common Name Torrey's Penstemon, Beard-lip Penstemon ITIS Taxonomic Serial No.
Family Plantaginaceae (Plantain) SEINet
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Description Life zones and habitat: Semi-desert to montane; woodlands, meadows, open areas.
Plant: Erect perennial with solitary or few stems up to 3 feet tall; sparse foliage.
Leaves: Sparse stem leaves are narrow, linear to lanceolate up to 6 inches long; basal leaves more ovate.
Inflorescence: Spire-like panicle of brilliant, smooth, scarlet two-lipped tubular blossoms 2 inches long; hairy lower lip divided into three lobes, and strongly reflexed (bent backwards); five stamens, one of which (staminode) is infertile and bearing a tuft of hairs.
References: Descr. adapted from "A Guide to Rocky Mountain Plants" by Nelson and Williams and
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