Colorado Native Plant Society

My 2020 Photo Contest Entries

You can see the other entries and winners at the CoNPS website.

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Paintbrush and Fletcher Mountain

Castilleja rhexiifolia and Castilleja occidentalis 
Landscape Category, 
Second Place

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White Penstemon

Astragalus alpinus var. alpinus
Native Plant Category

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Curlyhead Goldenweed and Little Leafcutter Bee

Pyrrocoma crocea var. crocea and Megachile ssp. bee
Wildlife Category
Third Place

D81_0179 Edit-Edit

Orange Sneezeweed

Hymenoxys hoopesii
Artistic Category

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Wild Rose

Rosa woodsii
Native Garden Category

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Banner photo: Ten Mile Range and Rhodiola integrifolia (King’s Crown) in Summit County