Equisetum hyemale ssp. affine

(Common Scouring-rush)


Equisetum hyemale ssp. affine, Paonia, Delta Co. 8517


Equisetum hyemale ssp. affine, FR 265, Gunnsion Co. 8405


Equisetum hyemale ssp. affine, FR 265, Gunnsion Co. 8406


E. hyemale on right, FR 265, Gunnsion Co. 8411

Scientific Name Equisetum hymale ssp. affine USDA PLANTS Symbol EQHYA
Common Name Common Scouring-rush, Scouring-rush Horsetail ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 525635
Family Equisetaceae (Horsetail) SEINet
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Description Life zones and habitat: Plains to montane (3500 to 10000 ft.); moist, open areas, streamsides.
Plant: Annual 8 inches to more than 6 feet tall; unbranched stems with discernible ridges and distinct nodes.
Leaves: Grayish sheath at each node comprised of "leaves" with pointed tips; black band around the top and another black band just below.
Inflorescence: Single, brown, cone-shaped spore-producing structure (strobilus) atop each stem; conical shape with pointed tip.
Bloom Period: Spring to early summer.
References: Wildflowers of the Southern Rocky Mountains, and SEINet.
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