Gentiana prostrata

(Pygmy Gentian)


Gentiana prostrata, Boreas Pass, Summit Co. 2095


Gentiana prostrata, Hoosier Pass, Summit Co. 7641


Gentiana prostrata, Hoosier Pass, Summit Co. 5555


Gentiana prostrata, Hoosier Pass, Summit Co. 5863

Scientific Name Gentiana prostrata (Chondrophylla prostrata) USDA PLANTS Symbol GEPR3
Common Name Pygmy Gentian, Moss Gentian ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 29983
Family Gentianaceae (Gentian) SEINet
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Description Life zones and habitat: Alpine (11300 to 14000 ft.); meadows, grassy slopes, ridges, around ponds and bogs.
Plant: Inconspicuous annual or biennial from 1 to 4-3/4 inches tall; slender, weak, leafy stems.
Leaves: Smooth, overlapping, opposite, spatulate-obovate to broad-oblanceolate leaves, 1/4-inch long or less hugging the stem; may have whitish margins.
Inflorescence: Tiny, solitary, terminal blossoms 3/4-inch long; green calyx tube below 4 blue, pointed corolla lobes joined by pleats opening during the day.
Bloom Period: June to August.
References: "Guide to Colorado Wildflowers" by G.K. Guennel, Jepson Herbarium and Montana Field Guide
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