Potentilla subjuga

(Colorado Cinquefoil)


Potentilla subjuga, Peaks Trail, Summit Co. 7067


Potentilla subjuga, Peaks Trail, Summit Co. 7088


Potentilla subjuga, Peaks Trail, Summit Co. 7063

Scientific Name Potentilla subjuga USDA PLANTS Symbol POSU5
Common Name Colorado Cinquefoil ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 504590
Family Rosaceae (Rose) Flora of North America Ref. Click Here
Description Life zones and habitat: Montane to alpine (9500 to 13500 ft.); dry areas, gravelly slopes and meadows.
Plant: Tufted perennial 4 to 12 inches tall, one to several stems.
Leaves: Pinnately-compound leaves with the top 5 leaflets digitate and another opposite pair below separated by a length of leaf, and often a much smaller pair still further down the stem; leaflet surfaces green or grayish-green and slightly hairy, underside white-woolly. See photo below.
Inflorescence: Saucer-shaped yellow flowers 3/8 to 5/8-inch across, with 5 overlapping petals and hairy sepals; numerous stamens and pistils; very short bractlets below.
Bloom Period: June to August.
References: "Flora of Colorado" by Jennifer Ackerfield, "Alpine Flora of the Rocky Mountains" by Richard Scott and Flora of North America.
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