(Plains Phlox)


Phlox albicola, Pawnee Buttes, Weld Co. 7815


Phlox albicola, Pawnee Buttes, Weld Co. 7809


Phlox albicola, Pawnee Buttes, Weld Co. 7813

Scientific Name Phlox andicola USDA PLANTS Symbol PHAN4
Common Name Plains Phlox ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 30912
Family Polemoniaceae (Phlox) SEINet
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Description Life zones and habitat: Plains (3500 to 5500 ft); sandy soils and heavy alkaline clays in a wide range of habitats on the plains.
Plant: Low-growing somewhat tufted or mat-forming perennial 1-5/8 to 4 inches tall with stems arising from creeping rhizomes; herbage has very small hairs and a somwhat cobwebby appearance.
Leaves: Pairs of opposite, linear leaves coming to a sharp point; sparsely hairy blades 3/8 to 1-inch long with prominent midveins and whitish bases.
Inflorescence: Solitary or clusters of up to 5 white flowers at the stem tips; each flower with a tubular corolla with 5 typical phlox petals; calyx has 5 lobes with tangled long hairs.
Bloom Period: May to July.
References: "Flora of Colorado" by Jennifer Ackerfield, Plants and Animals of Northeast Colorado and Montana Field Guide.
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